The Trax Cluster


This is the closest of the Sectors to the Core, it is also the home sector of the Moff who oversees this part of the galaxy for the Emperor. When the Emperor first instated his New Order, the Trax Sector quickly lent its support behind the Empire. Since then, it has always been a shining jewel in the crown of the Emperor.
This Sector contains a majority of the population, money and corporations of the Cluster. It also stands the strongest with the Empire and more heavily guarded.

ANDEO, a temperate world with wide plains and numerous rivers, is a major manufacturing and trade-oriented planet. Unlike most Core Worlds, Andeo is fairly backward, to the point of being compared with worlds in the Outer Rim Territories. It has a reputation as one of the Clusters’ more rough-and-tumble planets. The planet’s spaceports seem safe, at least to the untrained eye, but the infamous Andeo Spaceport is home is a known smuggler’s paradise.

ANAXES is the Capital Planet of the Cluster, it is well defended to show it. It was known as the Defender of the Cluster by the Galactic Republic.
While not as industrialized as Kuat, Anaxes is more prestigious, home to many families associated with a tradition of service in the Imperial Fleet. It is home to Azure Motorworks, a major producer of luxury vehicles. Considered an ecumenopolis, in that it was a planet-wide city, it is sprinkled with beautiful parks and green areas in and around the city

CORULAG boasts urban sprawls with the underdeveloped areas filled with humid bamboo forests. The planet, known for its swoop races, is the headquarters of several corporations, including Gowix Computers.
The capital city of Curamelle is home to the Corulag Academy, an Imperial military academy. Corulag is also home to numerous prisons which hold enemies of the Galactic Empire.

EXPORA is a large gas planet with a breathable atmosphere at high altitudes, as well as abundant tibanna gas supplies. The planet possesses a spectacular ring system and strong magnetic field that makes scanning from space very difficult.
Expora is orbited by massive platforms. It is a major refueling station for ships destined for Coruscant and other planets of the Core.

JATEE is a heavily industrialized world. The planet contains many light and heavy industrial complexes, located here due to the abundance of otherwise hard to find resources. Imperial presence is also concentrated on Jatee, due to the large number of classified projects being carried out here.
All cities on the planet, it is completely covered by a transparent dome made from a neutronium alloy, designed to filter out hard radiation.
Its sun is an ancient one. Even now it draws closer to the moment when it will go supernova and destroy all life in the system, expanding the Trax Nebula even further.

KUAT is home to Kuat Drive Yards. These famous shipyards, used to build ships for the Galactic Empire, circle the planet for thousands of kilometers. It is a terraformed planet of forests and plains.
When the Empire came to power in 19 BBY, all space stations and orbiting facilities were subjected to Imperialization, the security forces were augmented. Now Kuat can only be accessed via three ports within the main Kuat Traffic Zone. These are a passenger port, a freight port, and an Imperial transfer port.

MANTOONE is a paradise of technology. Tall buildings constructed of gleaming glass and steel reach into the sky. Holographic billboards advertise all manner of wonders. The night is filled with light. The day with the hustle and bustle of business.
Mantoone is known among the Sector planets for its excellent medical facilities and producing doctors who could name their salaries on any civilized worlds. The technology in these hospitals is the very latest.
The restaurants here are so good that folk travel here from other worlds just to have dinner. All the famous chefs come from Mantoone or go to Mantoone to open their own restaurants. It is said that even the street vendors on Mantoone are gourmet.

MYGEETO is locked in an ice age, giant crystallized glaciation and ice covers its surface, as well as huge crystal spurs. Because of this, Mygeeto means “gem” in the ancient trade language of the Duros.
Mygeeto’s internal fires long since cooled and have left a colossal deposit of precious stones within its crust and mantle. The immense assets of nova crystals and fields of lasing crystals made Mygeeto one of the wealthiest worlds in the galaxy.

ORD CESTUS was originally an Ordnance/Regional Depot, the planet served as a staging area for the colonization of the Tyne Sector. It is now the Imperial Navy Headquarters for the Cluster. Covered with a hot toxic jungle, the cities are protected by large domes.
Ord Cestus is still a traditional launching point for those leaving to settle on other worlds in the Cluster. Settlers arrive here from other planets and make preparations to set off for a new life on the Rim. Many businesses cater to these settlers, selling tools and supplies.

RHINNAL is a world home to the private estates of the Sector’s wealthiest folk. Anything they want is shipped in from off-world, so they have no need for shops or local color.
The estates are each the size of a small town and float gracefully a mile above the clear waters of Rhinnal’s oceans. Each estate is a self-contained world of its own. They all share a similar basic design and standardized amenities.
The wealthy pay well for their privacy and the skies above Rhinnal are patrolled by both the Feds and private security companies. Visiting the estates is by invitation only.

TARIS is a polluted, poverty-stricken world of grimy factories and downtrodden people, and a place where tourism and relocation is discouraged. Underground, protected from air pollution, are grown large crops of balo mushrooms which are used to make death sticks.

The Trax Cluster

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