The Plesk Frontier


For millennia, the Plesk Frontier was uncharted and barely explored due to the Nebula’s effect on sensors. However, about a century before the Clone Wars, new sensor technology has opened up exploration and discovery. Since then several worlds and systems have been found which have proven profitable for companies find new resources. The Sector is also a great place for people looking to start over, get away from others, or just find a place for themselves on new worlds. Imperial presence here is very low, with a garrison and a few capital ships. There isn’t enough cause to send further resources here.
Named after its most heavily populated solar system, the Plesk Frontier is the border between the Imperial and Wildspace. It’s the most rough and tumble part of the region.

AARIS III is covered in heavy jungles and oceans; it’s a lush blue-green planet when viewed from space. Immense ruins, remnants of the native Aaris civilization, are located all over the planet.
Aaris III is the homeworld of the Aaris species, a race of reptilian humanoids whose society flourished several thousand years before the Clone Wars. Their civilization was almost totally destroyed after a destructive civil war. The Aaris’s cities fell into ruin and were reclaimed by the jungle, and their primitive descendants inhabited the hidden ruins.

ALTOR 14 is a dry, hot world of rock and sand orbits a binary star system and was only recently discovered by a mining company. Because of its long rotational period (94 hours), all standing water evaporates on the planet’s surface during the day.

GALUCH has a diversity of bizarre plants, fungi, and animals which are almost rubber-like and translucent, as well as enormous Pitchers. When the sun shines, the environment glitters like multicolored glass. Most of Galuch is entirely covered by a humid, fetid landscape of huge fungal forests. Most plants and animals of Galuch had adapted special defenses to protect them from each other, which made them particularly hostile to the off-worlders.

HERSH ASTERIOD FIELD was discovered about a decade ago. It is thought to the remains of several planets in a single star system. It is large sprawling asteroid field which is poorly mapped
Already the Corone Mining Consortium, and several independent miners have claimed it as their own. There have been several skirmishes over claims discovered on both sides.

K’ATH began emerging from an ice age during the last centuries of the Galactic Republic. The polar ice caps are still large, the oceans are large and deep, and the fertile plains are rutted with fjords.

PLESK grew from a small settlement into a major trading world only fifty years after its initial colonization as sizable Human and alien communities emigrated to the planet in search of a fresh start. Being the closest planet to Imperial Space was appointed as the sector capital.

The Plesk Frontier

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