Humans have dominated the Core Worlds for centuries, particularly the planet Coruscant. Humans dominate the Imperial military (which is not surprising, given the Emperor’s prejudice against aliens), and can be found in virtually every corner of the galaxy.

Having a recorded history reaching back far beyond the beginning of space travel, before 200,000 years ago, the origin and early history of Humans is lost in the depths of millennia. There are at least five planets that claim to be the Human homeworld. Whatever the original world is, it is universally accepted that Humans evolved on one of the Core Worlds near the galaxy’s center.

While humans are among the most plentiful of the intelligent species of the Known Galaxy (and were one of the driving forces behind the creation of the Republic), they have also proven remarkably prolific and adaptable. Human derived species — called “near-humans” — are remarkably similar to baseline humans, but due to local environments have evolved unique adaptations to their surroundings.

The appearances of near-human’s can vary wildly. Near-humans have the same game stats as normal humans.

Physical traits will also be markedly different, and can provide hints about the individual’s home planet. (For example, squat and muscular near-humans may come from a high-gravity environment; dark-skinned near-humans may come from a planet with higher-than-normal exposure to ultraviolet radiation; and so forth.)

Adaptability: Because of the variations in humans, all human PCs get one free Edge (must qualify for all prerequisites as normal), and any skill at d6


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