Corporations of the Cluster

ARAKYD INDUSTRIES is a major manufacturer of droids, heavy weapons, and starships, dating back to the days of the Galactic Republic. Their corporate headquarters are on Ord Cestus.

BIOTECH INDUSTRIES is the Bacta production corporation in the Galaxy. They are also one of the largest biotech companies in the Cluster, inventing and perfecting many cyborg, biological and medical technologies. They are headquartered on Thyferra.

CONSOLIDATED SHIPPING is a transport business that is large enough to be granted some autonomy by the Empire. It has a large shipping hub on Drunost.

THE CORONE MINING CONSORTIUM, formed just after the Clone Wars, is made up of several of the most powerful mining corporations in the system. They are responsible for mining the gasses in the Nebula and the various asteroid fields.

GENETECH LABORATORIES, otherwise known as Genetech Corporation, is an ancient pharmaceutical company who later converted into one of the largest droid manufacturers in the galaxy.

GOWIX COMPUTERS is a subsidiary company of TaggeCo with its main offices on Mantoone. Gowix Computers is responsible for producing a variety of computers for industrial and consumer use.

IMPERIAL HOLOVISION abbreviated IHV, is the successor of HoloNet News and one of the largest and most powerful news/entertainment providers in the Galactic Empire. It is respected and trusted by the people, making it one of Emperor Palpatine’s most powerful propaganda tools.
IHV’s chief newscaster is a woman named Ashii Nermani, who has trillions of followers within the Cluster who hang on her every word.

KUAT DRIVE YARDS or KDY is the largest military shipbuilding corporation in the galaxy, based on Kuat. KDY mainly sells its products to the Galactic Empire. Many Kuat products can be found in TIE Fighters, armored fighting vehicles such as AT-STs and AT-ATs, Star Destroyers, and other military vehicles. Kuat Drive Yards does not sell only to the Imperials: many planetary governments purchase its weapons for the purposes of defending their planet from the war. All this makes Kuat Drive Yards one of the most famous corporations in the Galaxy.

RED STAR SHIPPING LINES is the major shipping organization in the Cluster, moving hundreds of container ships, and bulk freighters across the Hyperspace Lanes. They occasionally employ smaller freighters to run cargo or materials in a more timely matter. Their Headquarters is on Corulag.

SIENAR FLEET SYSTEMS or SFS is a major starship manufacturer. Through their Sienar Design Systems subsidiary, they were also responsible for many drive and power systems.

TRI-NEBULA ENTERTAINMENT is a media company owned by TriNebulon News based in the Cluster. Tri-Neb specialized in creating fantastic documentaries based only loosely on real events, combining both real holographic footage and the work of their own artists.

Corporations of the Cluster

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